Worldwide PFT Leak Location Specialists

Welcome to Utilise, Worldwide PFT Leak Location Specialists

Utilise Limited is an independent company providing specialist services to the utility, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors, worldwide.

Foremost of the services provided is leak detection in underground pipes and cables using pft tracer.

What is PTF Leak detection?

PFT stands for Perfluorocarbon Tracers. These are highly volatile compounds, with excellent electrical insulation properties that are added to the cable fluid in tiny amounts.

Where the cable system is damaged, the fluid with the PFT tracer leaks into the surroundings and permeates through the ground which is then picked up with our specially developed and highly sophisticated detection equipment. Our systems allow leaks to be located without de-energising the cable, thereby reducing downtime.

Utilise combine the best commercially available techniques with our own bespoke technologies to provide an unparalleled capability.

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