Worldwide PFT Leak Location Specialists

About Us

Utilise first began working with fluid filled cables in 2007 with our first successful PFT tracer location later that year. Our cross sector experience ranging from utility, engineering, petrochemical and environmental industries gives us a unique perspective from which to provide innovative solutions.

Having developed our PFT capability with our long term allies such as Brookhaven National Laboratory and Wasson-ECE, we expanded our offering to encompass a wider range of general leak location solutions to a broad range of customers.

We developed our easily transported and zero capital outlay solution for rapid deployment around the world, in 2010, and have since worked regularly in North America, Australasia and Europe.

We continue to consult, develop and manufacture solutions to niche problems affecting buried utility operations, from oil transportation to end of life assets through to post failure reinstatement and independent review.

Our unique background, engineering capability and flexible resources allows us to design and manufacture solutions, in timescales normally unheard of in the utility and oil and gas sectors.

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