Power Distribution - Worldwide PFT Leak Location Specialists


Power Distribution - Worldwide PFT Leak Location Specialists

The use of Perfluorocarbon tracers (PFT's) to assist with cable leak detection was pioneered in the United States over twenty years ago. The system has been used successfully and refined over time.

PFT's have incredibly low background levels and are chemically stable, allowing them to be detected at very low levels.

A Perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) is mixed into a concentrate with degassed cable fluid under vacuum conditions, which is then metered via rigorously controlled methods, into the cable fluid at a target overall concentration of 5-10ppm.  Once it reaches the leak site it is detectable through atmospheric monitoring.

We have developed our own tagging and sampling systems, and use the latest analytical services. Our systems are adaptable and robust, and dovetails with familiar cable infrastructure.

Results are provided to clients in the form of maps and pictorial reports, with the leak site identified on the picture itself, thus removing any requirement for interpretation. OS grid references are given and our engineers attend site to mark the position prior to excavation.

Many techniques have been put forward to address cable leaks in the past. These have only ever been partially successful or required de-energisation of the cable and excavation.

Our system allows the cable to remain energised throughout the location process and requires no excavation until the point of repair.


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