Utilities - Worldwide PFT Leak Location Specialists

PFT leak detection solutions for Utilities, Oil & Gas


We use a variety of industry standard techniques including correlation, ground microphones and thermal imaging.

  • Water Pipeline Leak Location
  • Sewer Network Leak Location
  • Sewer Integrity Checking
  • Water Pipeline Integrity Checking
  • Gas Pipeline Leak Location
  • Compressor Station Leak Location
  • End Used Leak Location
  • Pipeline Leak Location
  • Storage Facility Leak Location and Integrity Testing
  • Buried Tank Leak Location and Integrity Testing
  • Refinery Leak Location

We have taken our experience with locating failure points on the gas and fluid filled cable network and developed a number of solutions aimed at the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our key strength is the use of PFT in areas where Helium, Hydrogen or other tracer gases have been used for leak detection or integrity testing.  Essentially the sensitivity of Helium testing is in parts per million or 106, normally 5ppm above a background of 5ppm.  The sensitivity of our analytical equipment is measured in parts per quadrillion, ppq (short scale) or 1015, but in real life terms operates in parts per trillion, ppt (short scale) or 1012 above background.  Or in simple terms, a million times more sensitive.

Any application currently using tracer gases can be adapted to be undertaken with PFT.

Depending on anticipated leak rates and infrastructure being tested concentrations of PFT can range from 0.1 to 100ppm

We are able to deploy passive detectors at remote locations and exchange on a regular basis. Once analysed these will highlight any losses from within the location.

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